I Love My Hair (Does she?)

One of the biggest MOCCA mum challenges is getting our daughters to believe they’re beautiful, their skin is beautiful and their hair is beautiful. Let’s talk about the latter. It takes a lot of convincing. The media today is relatively diverse but it’s still not enough. Why not start with a bed time story and end with a chat? Natasha Tarpley’s I Love My Hair is a poetically written book that addresses the realities of afro hair. It can be painful to comb which leads to tears but Tarpley celebrates the versatility and beauty of afro hair. The images are vivid and bold. The first person child narrative style will have your daughters rethinking – should I ditch the Elsa (Disney’s Frozen) wig and stick to my own beautiful kinks and coils? I’ve read this to my 3 year old many times. She still isn’t entirely convinced but it’s a work in progress!


Literacy Boost Tip #1 – when reading to your child pause occasionally and ask a few questions to check their understanding or get their opinion on the story. This technique, repeated consistently, develops a child’s comprehension skills and self confidence.