Sweet potato pie’s best kept secrets

The holiday season is fast approaching and for most of us that means – food! The Washington Post published a great article on the history of sweet potato pie and what it means to African Americans. Whilst you’re in the kitchen this holiday or in Walmart ordering Patti La Belle’s signature sweet potato pie, be sure to share some fun facts with your girls.

My top 3 Intellectual Bites from the article

  1. The origins of ‘candied’ yam – The first sweet potato dessert in the slave cabin was roasted on open fire. Its natural sugars created a caramel, ‘candied’ layer
  2. West African cooks tried to substitute sweet potato with fufu but weren’t keen on sweet potato. They called it “the white man’s yam” and instead ate the leaves.
  3. Sweet potatoes originated in Peru

Click here to read the full article (How sweet potato pie became African Americans’ Thanksgiving dessert)


Recipe – If you’re looking for a sweet potato pie recipe this holiday, try this one out and let us know how it comes out. It’s a 4 step recipe and has received 2027 online reviews! http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/6302/sweet-potato-pie.aspx