What is MOCCA Mums?

We are women passionately writing on thoughts, trends and tips to inform and empower women and carers raising awesome girls of colour. MOCCA Mums means mothers or carers creating awesomeness.

What’s inside MOCCA Mums? 

  • We discuss trending topics that impact our daughters of color.
  • We exchange secret beauty & self care tips.
  • We review books that are empowering but not mainstream.
  • We explore cuisine and diet with an intellectual and cultural twist.
  • We feature role models for girls of color.
  • We discuss the unique challenges of parenting/raising children of color.
  • We celebrate our very own awesome girls in Isn’t She Awesome column.

MOCCA Mums is an online village.

We welcome short contributions on any of our categories including

  • Isn’t She Awesome?! If you think your daughter is awesome, let’s celebrate her in this column. Please send us a mum (or carer) and daughter photo + her name, her origins, 1 hobby, 2 things she enjoys and 1 she dislikes. Something awesome, unique or interesting she has done, said or made recently.

Contact us online or by email (moccamums@gmail.com) to submit your contribution or for more information.


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