Tracee Ellis Ross

If you’ve been watching what some call the ‘new Cosby Show’, black-ish, you can’t miss Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays mom, doctor and wife, Dr Rainbow Johnson, a.k.a Bow. Some also know Tracee Elliss Ross as the second child of Diana Ross, which means she grew up in a home which Michael Jackson called frequently (gasps!). What many don’t know is that this comedian, tv host and multi-award winning actress was a model in the 90’s and she didn’t always love herself. As a spectacle wearing 5th grader she was stared at often until one day she decided, ‘I’m going to believe that these people are staring at me because I am beautiful.” I’m black, and I wore glasses, so I made the choice: He is staring at me because I’m beautiful.”

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(Image – Wikipedia