Isn’t She Awesome?! – Althea-Marie Wilson

Althea-Marie Jolie Wilson was born in Barbados on Sunday, December 28th 2008 and exuded a vibrant and endearing personality from that day.  Within a few hours of her birth, her pediatrician declared that she bore a striking resemblance to her doting dad.

Althea-Marie was named after her paternal grandmother, Althea, who died many years before she was born.  Althea-Marie’s mother, Nicole, is originally from Barbados and her father Darrell, is originally from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.  Her exciting personality therefore embodies the best of both cultures, enabling the development of a flamboyant, dramatic and head-strong little lady.  Althea-Marie, who is also known as “Marney”, “Thea”, “Thea-Marie” or just “AM”, loves animals but she absolutely cannot stand lizards.  If she spots one, she will vacate the area quickly and dramatically and avoid it for a long time.  She will be spending her 9th birthday in Washington DC and she is hoping to see snow for the first time.

Althea-Marie’s dream is to be an international singer and she is currently learning to play the piano, violin and recorder.  She has a tremendous ear for music, which was recently highlighted when she taught herself to play the Barbados National Anthem on the recorder!! Isn’t she awesome?!


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