Black Friday Sales! To do or not to do?

Like most people I look out for good deals on Black Friday. Like some, I know the theories behind the origin of the name ‘Black Friday’. (One of them is about slaves being sold off on that day for a profit (gasp!)) Like a few, I compartmentalized one thought in the left side of the brain and the second in the other. Hands up. I’m guilty of not boycotting the Black Friday sales. But does that make me an accomplice to an initiative that was in the interest of slave owners? For those who don’t know the popular theories behind Black Friday, I’ll leave you with the list and, of course, the right to decide. Whatever you decide, Have a Great Thanksgiving!

The List 
1) Slave traders would sell slaves for a discount to assist plantation owners when they needed extra help to prepare for winter.

2) In 1975, references by Philadelphia police officers to describe the smog and traffic caused by shoppers.

3) From 1951 it referred to the practice of workers calling in sick on the day after Thanksgiving

4) It is the day on which retailers finally began to show a profit for the year  “in the black”.

P.S. MOCCA Mums, these theories are also great for sharing with your girls!