Why we brine our turkey

It’s often said that people of African heritage eat well-seasoned food. In pop culture this was endorsed by Beyoncé in her hit song Formation. It all sounds like another cliché until you dig deep into historical archives to find out why and how.

Going as far back as 1700 A.D. (circa) it was noted that “Indians and Blacks” made a “pickle” of cayenne chilies, vinegars and salt to treat a variety of tropical diseases. Spices also had and still has their preservationvirtues.  This brings us to brining. Brining is similar to marination, meat is soaked in brine before cooking If you’ve tried it, you’re probably nodding your head, if you haven’t I suggest you grab a pen.

Brining your turkey –  literally transforms your turkey. You end up with a juicy, moist, full flavoured turkey. It should’nt be salty. It certainly won’t be bland and there’s a good chance your guests would be talking about that turkey for Thanksgivings to come.

Recipe: Here’s a tried and test turkey brining method from THE Nigella Lawson: http