Let’s talk about our hands

What do people look at when they first see you? The smile? The eyes? Hair? Further below are our the hands. Often overlooked but when noticed, speak volumes.

Let’s talk about our hands.

I’ve often studied the hands of wise, older aunties and learnt many truths. They’ve washed, cooked, gardened, built, sewed, created, washed again and conquered the world … without a hand care regime. MOCCA Mums, lets start a simple regime with our girls today. It’ll ensure that their hands would conceal their many feats and trials but reveal their timeless and flawless beauty.


  1. Always take time to moisturize the hands. (whilst the skin is damp to seal in moisture)
  2. Avoid washing with hot water. Cold or warm water is best.
  3. Always wear rubber gloves when using chemical products.

Share these 3 tips with them. They’ll thank you one day…