‘What is it about her?

Beauty Tips from a wise aunt.

We watched in awe as Miss Jamaica was crowned second runner up at this year’s Miss Universe show. She is beautiful but she’s not just beautiful. ‘What is it about her?’. I don’t know her personally but one thing is certain, it took more than her stunning looks for her to reach this far. In my quest to understand what’s it about beautiful women that we can’t see physically but speaks volumes, I stumbled upon a book written by Vogue editor, Marjorie Hillis in 1936 “Live alone and like it”. This 81 year old book is the truth. I hung on to every pearl of wisdom and can’t help but share my top 3 tips.

MOCCA Mums here are my Top 3. What are yours?

1.  Make it your business to know something about everything – there’s nothing more attractive than someone who is ‘interesting and interested’.

2. Get a hobby. the dividends are huge – socially, academically, mentally, professionally, I could go on.

3. Retain a healthy spirit of defiance: being confident and standing your ground is extraordinarily exhilarating and very attractive.

(Photo attribute – Jamaica Gleaner)