Chocolate, Child labour & Ghana’s Finest Toffee

It’s that time of the year when we countdown to Christmas. For chocolate lovers the chocolate advent calendar is the perfect excuse to have chocolate everyday for 25 days! For the MOCCA Mum knowledge vultures, we’ve dug up some heartbreaking facts about cocoa farms and slave trade in West Africa. To finish on a more positive note we feature the recipe for Ghana’s Finest Toffee! It’s very easy to make. It’s not chocolate but it closely competes. It’s different. Ethically, it’s a better alternative to non-fair trade chocolate. It’s cheaper than Snickers or Mars and it’s home-made! MOCCA Mums, try it, rate it and share it.  Video Recipe Link

Chocolate & West Africa – Five Facts
1. 70% of cocoa of the whole world is grown in Africa, primarily Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. (
2. Cocoa farmers in Ghana earn 84 cents a day, and Ivorian farmers, 50 cents. (
3. Whilst Switzerland consumes the most chocolate per year, the 56–72 million children who work on chocolate farms in Africa live on bananas and corn paste. (
4. Many cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate. (
5. So, what are the popular sweets in Africa? In Ghana, condensed milk fine toffee is favourite. Video Recipe Link
Documentary – A not so festive but great documentary about the exploitation and slave trading of African children to harvest chocolate. Link to Documentary