Stretching the Weinstein effect – Sexual abuse & our daughters

If you’ve been following the news you’ve probably heard the name Harvey Weinstein as often as you’ve heard Mr. Donald Trump’s. For those who haven’t, Harvey Weinstein has been accused of assaulting and raping women in Hollywood since 1970’s. Allegations triggered other women to speak up. In October the list of victims was at 80. These allegations have brought previous alleged acts of assault by politicians and celebrities into the public spotlight.

What needs to happen before our girls, who’ve been victims of sexual assault speak up and be heard? Girls who aren’t actresses, colleagues of politicians or daughters of the affluent and influential. In the magazine, For Every Mom, a pediatrician listed 7 simple ways parents can protect children from sexual abuse. It’s worth sharing. Link.
MOCCA Mums, if we forget everything, let’s remember this one tip – always, always, always trust your gut.