The Jamaican Patty – a culinary blend of Caribbean history

We all (hopefully all) know that Jamaica has a lot, lot more to offer than Bob Marley and Usain Bolt! It’s also well known for the delicious, addictive, tummy-warming, Jamaican patty. This savoury pastry is not only bursting with flavour but it’s a culinary blend of Caribbean history. After the English colonized Jamaica they introduced pasties to the Caribbean culture.  In the United Kingdom, Cornish miners ate pasties while they worked because of their small size and convenience which made it the perfect go-to food. The patties are also made with curry and cumin spice from the east Indians who also migrated to Jamaica. There’s the flaming scotch bonnet pepper from African slaves to season the filling. The filling can vary from beef, to salt fish, chicken or vegetable. This snack has now become a staple food of many busy Jamaicans and cosmpolites. It’s similar to the “Latin American  empanada, the Italian calzone, the South Asians samosa and the well-known American Hot Pocket” but yet very, very distinct in taste.

MOCCA Mums, it’s worth trying at home. Here’s a popular video recipe –