The PDA club. Who’s in?

Happy young African couple standing face to face together and hugging while enjoying a sunny afternoon outside
Watching the PDA’s (public displays of affection) of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their first public appearance together got us at MOCCA Mums thinking – how much public display of affection should be displayed in front of our children? Why do we do it? Is it cultural? Spontaneous? Calculated?
Marriage and Family Therapist  Dr Cindy Bunin in suggests, ‘so long as the PDA you’re showing in front of your kids isn’t sexual in nature, it’s probably not going to scar them for life.’ Sounds obvious for most of us, but it really depends on how our children, not us, interpret the affection. Are kids supposed to (already) know what is sexual and then feel assured that a kiss or a hand rub is just a good example of a healthy, loving relationship? Our parents rarely showed affection between themselves publicly and they were no doubt, sterling examples of what loving parents should be like. In my quest to find out how MOCCA mums from other countries perceive and show affection publicly, I dug up some pretty ‘interesting’ facts.
The Tapirapé people of Central Brazil do not kiss to be romantic. Instead, a husband may walk with his wife around the village with his arm draped over her shoulder.
(from the Odyssey Online)
Today in the West views on PDA’s are much more liberal.  MOCCA Mums are you in the PDA club or out? If you’re in how do your kids react to your PDA’s? If you’re out what do you do or say to show affection or love – publicly?