The Queen of Creole Cuisine, Some History & Perfectionists

Leah Chase is 94 years but this Queen of Creole cuisine’s hands are not only still cooking up a feast but they’re welcoming celebrities, famous presidents, politicians and curious tourists who patronize her restaurant, Dooky Chase. Dooky Chase was founded by Leah’s husand’s father in 1941. This was before anti-segregration laws, World War II and the Civil Rights movement. Back then, when Blacks couldn’t go to other restaurants through the front door, Dooky Chase was the place to go. Leah is known locally in Tremé and globally for her jambalaya, fried oysters and gumbo des herbes. She’s written numerous cookbooks, starred in TV shows and has introduced countless people to Creole cooking. Her menu reflects the southern Louisiana culture she was raised in: crab soup, stuffed shrimp and praline pudding. 

Leah’s legacy can be found everywhere, from the National Museum of African American History & Culture to Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ video.  Ironically this Queen of Creole cuisine, who has never been to culinary school, claims to have one regret – to have worked harder. Harder!?!

MOCCA Mums what are your girls excelling in and how do you deal with the added pressure they put on themselves to be perfect?

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