To braid or not to braid?

Close up portrait of little african girl holding color pencil at desk.Isolated on white background.

Girls today as young as 5 are asking for or already wear hair extensions (braids). 20 years ago the most you could do was to stare in awe at Janet Jackson and dream of having the same when you were “big”; not 5, not 10, not even 13 but “big”. Times have changed. There is more pressure on our girls to conform and be like their peers. Should we as mums add hair braid extensions to the never ending to-do-list? From what age?

Think of her scalp
As the scalp is an extension of her skin you should protect it just as you would protect her skin at ages 5, 10 or 13.. . So, the younger she is, the easier you should go on her scalp.


Are you braiding for her to have long flowing tresses like her peers or is it a protective and time saving style? Does she understand why she is having braids?

Individual choice
This is the most obvious but not so obvious reason. Without being influenced by what other mums, the mother-in-law or your mum may say or think, the final and ultimate choice is yours as her mum.

MOCCA Mums, thoughts? how early did you braid or do you plan to braid your daughter’s hair?