#1000blackgirlbooks – a literary tour de force.

She’s only 12 years but Marley Dias already has a vision for young girls of colour –  to collect books with black female lead characters and donate them in the United States and abroad. Marley has always been an avid reader but felt like there weren’t enough books about black girls in her school. According to Marley (and MOCCA Mums) it’s important that books were diverse and reflect who she was culturally. When she talked to her mum about this, her mum suggested she do something about it. This week Marley Dias has been named, by Forbes as the youngest person on a list of the most influential people in the world under the age of 30. Next year she will release a book she wrote herself called “Marley Dias Gets It Done – And So Can You“. An amazing role model.

MOCCA Mums – what thoughts or ideas are budding in your girls’ minds? Let’s continue to encourage them to be awesome!
Photo attribute – For Harriet.com