Bling is back! Perfect timing.

beautiful south African woman with pearl necklace around her arm and long chandelier earring

In case you haven’t noticed bling is back this season and the timing is perfect! Christmas office parties, family reunions, Christmas dinners, New Year’s Eve parties, … . As mothers we have a reputation for making long Christmas lists with our names at the bottom. By the time we’re ready to spoil ourselves we’ve already overspent or are too tired to bother. In that case, why not recycle the little black dress from last Christmas and throw on some new bling? Why not indulge in teasingly long sparkly earrings, a layered pearl necklace or that daring diamante necklace you’ve been eyeing online? It’ll cost a fraction of a new dress and when you step out you’ll be feeling like a prima donna.

Mocca Mums – ever wondered the origin of the word bling? Bling-bling is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture. It was popularized by Cash Money Millionaires in the song “Bling Bling” in 1999.