Dealing with failure – The Whole Brain Child

As we followed this year’s Golden Globe Award results, we found out that no female and black directors received an award. This outcome got us at MOCCA Mums thinking – how do we prepare our girls for defeat, for failure, for disappointment and for rejection? To answer that question the perfect book came to mind – The Whole Brain Child by Dr Daniel Siegel. It can be hard finding the time to read a book about raising a child when your day is spent trying to master the mere basics – school run, homework, dinner, … and repeat. The good news is The Whole Brain Child may make the basics a lot easier and effective. The book provides¬†12 strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind and survive everyday parenting struggles.¬†Each strategy is backed up with scientific facts, adding credibility to this simple yet engaging book.

Mocca Mum’s favourite strategy in the book is ‘help your child navigate their feelings’. Sounds easy? Try it. Sounds tricky? Read The Whole Brain Child. Problem solved.