Meat lovers around the world at Christmas

Christmas baked ham, served on the old plate. Spruce twigs all around. Front view.
In the western world eating meat has been a symbol of status and wealth.  It comes as no surprise that meat is often the centerpiece of many tables at Christmas time, a period of culinary extravagance. Without mentioning turkey, let’s see what other types of meat MOCCA Mums from countries around the world feast on at Christmas.

Japan – Christmas is not a national holiday but there is one Yuletide ritual they love: KFC. KFC?! Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Ghana – Chicken and fish is accompanied by ‘omo tuo’, or rice balls in a palm nut soup

Philippines -The centerpiece of the Christmas dinner is lechon, a roasted pig with crunchy skin carved at the table

Cameroon – goats are roasted on Christmas day.

Kenya – Christmas dinner is likely to be fish or nyama choma. Goat or beef is used for nyama choma

Trinidad and Tobago  – Generous helpings of baked ham is the main item on the Christmas menu with sorrel to accompany it.

Senegal – Christians sit together around the National dish, tiep bou dienn, which is made with fish

MOCCA Mum meat lovers, what will you be feasting on this Christmas?