The re-birth of baby wearing.

You will be aww-ing and chuckling at babysitter and cousin, J’ann who stuffed baby Ava in her shorts so she could make herself a sandwich! Just brilliant! Ingenious! With over 300 000 views on Facebook, we at MOCCA Mums looked at the pictures with pride. Baby wearing, a time old tradition from the East, is taking on a new form and style!

Dating back to 50 000 years ago, baby wearing allowed mothers to carry food as well as their babies (Blaffer-Hrdy (2000)) . In Africa it’s commonly known as a khanga, pagne or kikoy. Women (and men) use a rectangular piece of cloth to carry a baby on the back, as well as to sit on, to carry items on the head, and to protect their clothing whilst cooking. The piece of cloth is placed on the child’s back then tightened at the upper and lower edge. Whether you opt for a babybjorn or the traditional khanga, there are countless benefits of baby wearing
MOCCA Mums, check out this baby wearing demo. How did it feel? We’d love your comments or even photos!