Celebrate Alabama & 6 Shocking Truths on Women’s Rights

There’s celebration going on in Alabama after Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate Race over Republican Roy Moore. It wasn’t a landslide but a win is a win. We at MOCCA Mums are doing a happy dance for the unprecedented number of women of color who went out to vote. 98%! 98%!! 98%!!! This is big.

But when the music goes off and the sun sets in the West, women in other countries still have fewer rights and some ridiculous restrictions.
Have a look: 

  1. Yemen: A woman is considered only half a witness.
  2. India (some parts): Women are exempted from road safety rules requiring motorcycle passengers to wear helmets.
  3. Ecuador: Abortion is illegal, unless you’re an “idiot” or “demented”.
  4. Saudi Arabia and Morocco: Rape victims can be charged with crimes.
  5. Vatican City allows men, but not women, to vote.
  6. Yemen: Women can’t leave the house without their husbands’ permission.

Source The Washington Post