The hidden truth in Christmas dinners (for women with taste)

There’s often a tinge of guilt behind the drinking merrily and munching joyfully at Christmas. All because of the C word – Calories! Then came good news from a reputed UK surgeon that a number of items on a traditional English Christmas dinner menu are actually healthy (for women)! Let’s cut the chit chat and dig in!

  1. Brussels sprouts contain B vitamins, such as folate. Folic acid is a form of folate. Women who are pregnant or might become take folic acid to prevent miscarriage and neural tube defects. Yay!
  2. Turkey is a great source of lean protein. Turkey also contains an amino acid called tryptophan, important for serotonin production, also known as the ‘happy’ hormone. After hours in the kitchen, there’s nothing like forkfuls of happy hormones!
  3. Salmon is is full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are proven to regulate blood flow to the reproductive organs. Ouhh!
  4. Potatoes are complex carbohydrates which prevent you from binge eating! Bring it on!
  5. Cranberries are known for preventing urinary infections (which occur in the bladder). Perfect!
  6. Chocolate, as long as it is rich in cocoa, is a super food. Need we say more?!
  7. Red wine contains reservatrol. It helps neutralize free radicals, which can attack the skin when left unchecked. Hello, gorgeous!

Cheers to all MOCCA Mums and Bon app├ętit!