Isn’t She Awesome?! Noa.

“Noa, you are reading me out of house and home!” is my common, jesting complaint.  Noa, British by birth and of Jamaican and Dominican heritage, hungrily devours books unlike any child I have ever witnessed.  If I ever lose sight of my daughter in a public place, I first head to the book or magazine aisle and usually, that’s where I find her buried in some book. On average she reads about 2 children’s novels a week.
This statistic would have been unimaginable just 7 years ago when Noa was born at 25 weeks’ pregnancy and just 1.5lbs in weight. The Consultant Neonatologist’s prognosis was largely pessimistic except for two amazing statistics that worked to Noa’s favour: she is female and she is black. Yes, for very sick children, being of African descent and of female sex is a significant medical advantage.
Fast-forward to today, at aged 7, Noa exhibits no signs of ill health; she is a lively, chatty, irresistibly sweet girl who constantly wows people with her bookish-quirkiness. Never content as a statistic, Noa continues to measures her progress against the stars, aiming ever high and higher.
Isn’t She Awesome?!
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