Christmas Whiskey for baby and me? Drinking facts, habits and recipes.

A tiny, ‘harmless’ glass of wine during the toast, a sip of sherry from Grandpa to accompany some hot, yummy pudding or a tot of whiskey for the little one, after all it’s Christmas and she has a cold – it’ll make her feel better, insists Grandma. During the holidays, there are several excuses parents use to indulge their children in a little glass here or a little sip there. “But they’re under age and their bodies just can’t handle it,…they’re still developing!” scream medical experts. Whilst this habit continues behind closed doors, MOCCA Mum researchers dug up some interesting figures. The only country with a minimum legal age for consuming alcohol at home is the United Kingdom, 6 years. Over in New Delhi, the legal drinking age is 25, while in Goa it’s 18. Mahrashtra’s Wardha (still in India) has a drinking age of 30. But then in 19 countries, the majority of which are in Africa there is no minimum legal drinking age. When it comes to alcohol awareness, there are 3 approaches – (1) early exposure within moderation at home is best so they have a “healthy relationship” towards drinking, (2) wait until they’re of legal age or (3) encourage teetotalism for life.

MOCCA Mums, what camp are you in? 
Whilst reflecting on this, why not try one of these 16  Christmas non-alcoholic cocktails suggested by Woman’s Day magazine? After mixing, drinking and feasting if you and your girls are merry and jolly, approach (2) or (3) works just fine! Cheers!