Demystifying Racial Clichés Part I – The Strong Black Woman at Christmas

As parents we constantly remind ourselves that we have to be strong for our girls. Strong means not having adult melt-downs. Strong also means making sure everyone is well fed, well clothed and, of course – jolly, merry and bright… even when we are not. Strong takes on a new meaning when that dreadful cliché rears its head – strong black woman*. But we’re not because –

Christmas puts pressure on us to spend and to “keep up”.
Christmas (year end) triggers heightened mental fatigue and self reflection.
Christmas obliges us to socialize with family and friends we’d rather not.
Christmas may be the anniversary or reminds us of the absence of a loved one.

Spend! Cry! Do what you have to do. But if you keep this one tip in mind throughout the season, Christmas may actually be genuinely merry and you’ll probably be doing less spending and crying – Invest in making memories everyday.

Happy holidays to all you amazing MOCCA Mums!

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**The pressure & expectation of a woman of color to manage multiple roles of the motherworkerhomemakerstudent and any other roles that usually inclusive to one person or sex (Wikipedia)