Setting Mum Goals That will Succeed, This Time!

Have you ever read the most basic statement which turned out to be profoundly true after minutes of reflection? Well, whilst reading about ‘how to make goals and keep them’ we came across this: Many of our goals fail because we make them based on what we’re “supposed” to do and not our own values‘. 


For example, we say we’ll aim to read a book a week when we’re not actually interested in reading or don’t have the time.  We say we have to lose weight because that’s the general standard and expectation but not necessarily ours. At MOCCA Mums we applied the statement to how we aim to raise our girls. We all want happy, thriving kids who excel in all spheres of life. We don’t even need to set this as a goal. It’s a given. But have we aligned this goal to our own personal values?

At MOCCA Mums our values are (1) to inspire girls of colour; making the role models they can identify with mainstream and not marginalized models. (2) To provide the resources they need for a healthy sense of identity. (3) To empower them through knowledge. If they’re curious and keen to know more, say more and question more, they gain confidence. With confidence, there’s no goal that can’t be achieved.  Sounds beautiful?  Yes. Utopic? No. It’s achievable. How? Join a community of like minded women. Follow/subscribe to MOCCA Mums. A one page magazine where women passionately blog on thoughts, trends and tips to inform and empower women raising awesome girls of colour.  

At MOCCA Mums we’re very, very excited about our plans for 2018! More thought provoking blogs, new merchandise exclusively for girls of colour, treats for all loyal MOCCA Mums…and more.
Our team wishes all amazing mums and awesome girls a happy and healthy 2018!