Competitive Parenting. ‘Let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt’.

When actress Mayim Balik asked on her vlog – ‘Why are moms so competitive’, it went viral and received over 2 million views. The majority of the viewers, like Balik, are tired of moms who constantly compare, compete and judge other moms. So, if all or most mums are the ‘victims,’ who then are the aggressors? Possibly, the victims themselves? Just a thought.
Let’s give other mums the benefit of the doubt. As mothers there’re times we say things or ask questions to other mums and it’s coming from a good place. The pride of a mother or her excitement to off load on another mum can be misinterpreted as ‘competitive parenting’. There is no doubt that competitive parenting is draining, irritating and everything negative, but the mum’s intention may be the opposite.  Let’s give other mums the benefit of the doubt.
From a MOCCA Mums perspective, we have bigger issues to deal with that come way before the comparing and competing. Making and maintaining genuine, lasting mum friends regardless of race or social status is one of them.  If we can get past this challenge, hearing how early Jane or Jamilah started sleeping through the night or was potty trained wouldn’t be such a bore. Let’s give other mums the benefit of the doubt and celebrate their success.