Every child’s 1st and best book – Her Mother’s Tongue

Many mothers of colour know and/or speak another language other than English. Whether it’s an international language or a local one, speaking this language to your child from an early age is a privilege and an asset. It has been scientifically proven on several occasions. The challenge for some parents is they assume teaching their child their mother tongue may disadvantage or delay them, academically. This isn’t the case. Studies show that children who continue to learn another language after going to school and being immersed in English often show signs of having a better working memory, an enhanced ability to learn and improved concentration and attention. 

So how does a hesitant mum get started? Our Top 3 Tips –

1.Just talk to your child 

Speak about anything, be it chores, gardening, shopping, holiday plans or the neighbour’s cat. Some research has found that chatting a lot to your child can be equally effective as reading when it comes to language and general cognitive development.

2. Have fun with it
Associating your language with fun things to do will be a strong motivating factor for your child to learn it and keep on speaking it. Establish routines when you play certain games or activities only in your language

3. Give positive feedback
Show your appreciation when your child makes progress in speaking your language. Make it clear how happy you are. Reward them, celebrate, do what it takes!

You wouldn’t hear the results in a fortnight or even months but when you do, you’ll be bursting with pride!

Bilingual MOCCA Mums – any experiences, thoughts, tips?