Amara La Negra – Unapologetically flawless.

Her body is clothed in a silken, immaculate, enviable, surreal skin tone. She’s become the talk of the town. Amara LaNegra’s path to fame tells a deeper story. One of defying the odds. One of working twice as hard and ultimately, one of success. She was raised by a single mother who moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States to give her daughter a better and more promising future. Her mother worked five jobs to make ends meet to ensure she met her daughter’s needs. Today, as she struts confidently, she fondly recalls her mum asking her, Do you want to have fun or prepare for your future?

With her now acquired fame and success at the age of 27, La Negra (a Spanish term of endearment for dark-skinned women) could just about retire and have fun now. But’s she’s still hard at work, inspiring girls of colour in Latin America, USA and now all over the world, thanks to social media.

AMARA La Negra is unapologetically flawless.

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(Photo credit – Oh No They Didn’t)