Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Part I)

It takes just one novel or even a chapter written by Chimamanda Adichie to fall in love with her work. It also takes one look at how she puts together her traditional African gear to be wowed by the confidence, pride and quirky sophistication she adds to African fashion. We found out this week that all her outfits are made and designed by Nigerian designers. Well, Chimamanda is Nigerian. So should we be surprised? Yes and no. Yes because – given her wealth and fame it’s generally expected for her to be dorned in Western haut couture. No because – if she doesn’t support her own (Nigerian) designers who else will?

Chimamanda has been an amazing role model for girls of colour over and over again – each time she penned a letter, gave a TED talk, stood on a podium to deliver an ovation worthy speech , published a novel or publicly declared her support for locally designed couture. Inspiring! Amazing! She’s Everything….

Mocca Mums, how do you weave lessons of ‘supporting local talent and supporting the successes of other sisters’ into your day-to-day interaction your girls? All tips are welcomed!

(Photo credit – The Theatre Company)