How Black Eyed Peas became a New Year’s Tradition

New year’s day may be behind us but it’s not to late to find out why black eyed peas are the centerpiece of every New Year’s Day lunch in African American homes. These tasty beans are believed to have first grown in the savannahs and forests of  West Africa 5,000 years ago and traveled along with enslaved Africans in the Middle Passage. Accompanied with smoked pork, black eyed peas complete the dish, traditionally known as Hoppin’ John. It is believed that these beans saved families from starvation during the Civil War.  As tiny and unassuming as they look, these savoury beans are rich in proteins and high in B vitamins. A perfect staple for New Years Day lunch or lunch any day of the year! 
MOCCA Mums, what did you feast on for New Year’s day?
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