It’s cake eating season! Indulge now, repent later.

The beauty of New Orleans’ culture is its blend of African, French and Spanish influence. This blend brings colour, flair and… (drum roll)… king cake! The name, king cake, doesn’t do justice to the delicately sweet pastry teased with doses of cinnamon or praline, cream cheese or fruit jelly, pecans or almond and eaten warm

(Let’s pause for a coffee break).

The name alludes to “King’s Day” or “Epiphany,” since it was the day that the three wise men are said to have brought baby Jesus gifts. King’s day is celebrated every year from January 6th to Mardi Gras (February). During this ‘cake eating season’ king cake sits on almost every baker’s shelf in New Orleans. Neatly tucked inside this pastry is a plastic baby Jesus for the lucky person who gets the slice with Baby Jesus in it. They get to wear a crown accessory that usually comes with the cake. It’s fun, tasty and traditional.

Each season, roughly 750,000 cakes are consumed in New Orleans. This delightful treat is definitely worth a plane ticket and a couple hundred calories!

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