Popping Style with Color and Finesse

There’s a wave of excitement, a warm feeling of nostalgia as we watch the latest hit video Finesse. For Generation Y viewers, watching the artists in the video dressed in brightly coloured 80’s outfits, took us back to the time when we¬† didn’t have a care in the world, no bills to pay and Fresh Prince of Bel air was a TV staple. For everyone else it’s one of those feel good, happy music videos.

Finesse’s music vdieo made us at MOCCA Mums think – people of color look AMAZING in color. So why bundle up in dark colours because it’s winter, it’s slimming, or easy to match? Perhaps we forgot these 3 proven facts –

1. Colour can affect how we think

2. Colour can affect how we feel

3. Colour affects how we look

Bonus – Darker skin tones look amazing in colour.

Mocca Mums, we’re are girls’ first fashion idol. Well, usually. Let’s pop some colour and finesse back into our wardrobes to set trend for them.


(Photo credit – vulture.com)