The Snowy Day – A Simple story line with Profound meaning

The Snowy Day is literally about a snowy day. In uncomplicated narration, Jack Ezra Keats takes us on a journey with an African American boy, Peter, who explores his neighborhood after the first snowfall of the season. During this journey he makes angelsĀ  and foot prints in the snow, plays with his friend and tries, in vain, to save a melting snow ball in his pants pocket.

It’s simple story line but the rarity of reading about a boy of colour who goes out in the snow for idyllic, blissful fun makes it a must read to all girls and boys who need to be reminded that childhood should be filled with simple, trouble-free play and exploration. The dark skin tones of the characters in the book makes it easier for readers of colour to fondly identify with Peter. Having said that, for the reader, Peter, doesn’t have to be a boy, he doesn’t have to be black, he doesn’t even have to be African-American. He’s a child enjoying the simple privileges of childhood.


MOCCA Mums, The Snowy Day is so well written it’s open for several interpretations. What do your girls feel or think after reading it?