The Indomitable Jo-Issa Rae

There’s something enviable about the sad life of the character, Issa, in the TV series, Insecure. Pretty sad because Issa is a single, 20 something year old female living in LA, often unlucky in love and struggles to make ends meet. But why do we envy Issa?!

Because she’s defines black beauty, her confidence levels are off the scale, she’s very funny AND she’s smart! This combo is lethal.

In real life this profile sums up the amazing Jo-Issa Rae Diop who plays Issa on her TV series Insecure. Jo-Issa Rae is an Ivy Leaguue graduate and a daughter of a Senegalese doctor and an American mom teacher. News mag editors love to highlight those points about her bio but at Mocca Mums we discovered something even more profound about this actress, writer, diretor, producer, web series creator –

Issa began medical school then switched to African American studies. This eventually led her to stardom. If we had a dollar for every girl of color whose hidden talent was never revealed because of family pressure to pursue an alternative, more traditional career, MOCCA MUMS would be minted.

We don’t know the finer details behind Jo-Issa’s career switch but what’s certain is that today this Golden Globe Award is inspiring black girls as they watch her in starstruck admiration.


(Photo credit – popsugar)