A Piece of Cake – You’ll cry, shout, feel ill and may need some cake.

A Piece of Cake is probably the only 500+ page book you would give to a very busy mum and you’re guaranteed she’ll finish it in tears and in a few days, wanting more.
The author and main character of A Piece of Cake, Cupcake Brown, has a remarkable ability to retell every gruesome detail of her horrific childhood. This makes reading literally a piece of cake. She starts off life as an abandoned child turned prostitute and ends off as a lawyer. No, this isn’t another grass to graze, American dream novel. It’s a window into the real life of many foster girls who have to make hard, painful decisions daily to survive. 
 The role of a mother in A Piece of Cake leaves much to be desired. Cupcake Brown had no female role model. Was this void the catalyst to her success and source of organic strength? Read A Piece of Cake. You’ll be asking many more questions about the role of motherhood.  If ‘how not to be a good mother’ was a course, A Piece of Cake  would be mandatory reading.