Fafa Gilbert – An ingenious chef with eclectic imagination

Every fan of African food knows that jollof rice is the holy grail of African cuisine and that a menu with jollof isn’t complete without a generous serving of fried plantain. So when we came across a recipe for Jollof  and Plantain Arancini, we put on our glasses in disbelief, brought out our pots and pans to try it out and finally pen and paper to  give this ingenious concoction a raving review.

Fafa Gilbert, Ghanaian Chef and Lifestyle blogger, is not only a culinary genius but an integrationist. Through her eclectic imagination Fafa is able to unite Western tips and techniques with African spice and savoir-faire. Her recipes are the perfect beginner courses for girls of colour who doubt the versatility and taste of African cuisine.

Who says exploring our identity as people of colour can’t be through cultural cuisine?. Thanks to Fafa Gibert this journey to self-love has gotten very, very tasty.

Photo credit (Ndudu by Fafa)