From “You’re dark and ugly” to Beauty Queen – Kharis’ Story

It baffles us at MOCCA Mums how a 10 year old, so stunning and so beautiful was the victim of persistent racial abuse and bullying.
Southern L.A. pre-teen, Kharis Rogers was bullied at school for her dark skin. When asked to use a crayon to color a picture of herself she was handed a black crayon. This sad, sad, sad scenario made us think – would the teacher hand a white crayon to a white classmate to colour their picture? Beyond sad.
The good news is, today, Kharis’ self confidence and esteem is sky high. She’s changed school, taken part in beauty pageants and has received the praise and support of over 65 000 social media fans!

MOCCA Mums, if this is what is takes to boost 1 girl’s self esteem, our sleeves are rolled up and we’re ready to tackle racial bullying. We hope there are few or no stories similar to this but if you do have one, please get in touch and share –

Watch Kharis’ emotional interview with CBS 

(Photo credit myspicetv)