Albinism – a condition often noticed but not understood.


The Civil Rights Movement was about racial segregation. Within race there are other differences that can potentially divided us as humans because of prejudice or  ignorance. One of them is albinism. From as far as Tanzania* to as near the local park there are rare but real cases of children living with albinism.  Within their families and outside they are teased and bullied. Some are called: “Whitey,” “Snow White “Casper,” “Four Eyes,” “Blind Eyes,” “Grandma,” … ?

Society’s attitudes about albinism have a tremendous influence on persons with albinism.  It is a disability that can lead to cancer and low, poor vision. The skin color of the individual merely scratches the surfaces of this complex and rare condition. MOCCA Mums, How do our girls who do not have albinism deal with this difference? Do they know people with albinism are beautiful and have a lot to offer to society?Here’s a short clip about twins with albinism making waves in the Brazilian fashion indsutry.


*Tanzania is known to have a high number of individuals living with albinism. According to the UN nearly 80 albino Tanzanians have been killed since 2000

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