Erin Jackson – The rare, down-to-earth, world record holder.

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She has earned 11 world medals and took part in 47 national championships. She has also been named the U.S. Olympic Committee Female Athlete of the Year for Roller Sports three times. Today 25-year-old, Erin Jackson is feverishly gearing up for the 2018 Winter Olympics. She is the first African-American women to make the U.S. Olympic speed skating team  after only 4 months of speed skating on ice.  This is a world record but who is the person behind this amazing feat?

Erin first put on skates when she was 8 years old, figure skating team in her hometown, Ocala, Florida. In 2015, she earned a degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Florida. She plans on returning to school for a Master’s Degree in Materials Science. Preparing for her big day in South Korea, Erin has announced the start of a T-shirt fundraiser to pay for her father to watch her compete.

Many girls can identify with Erin’s academic achievements and entrepreneurial resourcefulness but when her Olympic prowess is thrown in the mix, Erin transforms into an amazing role model.


Photo credit Team USA