Hard working mum, happy child?


The daily separation is painful. We let go of their delicate 3 month old fingers and drop them off at the crèche. They stay in after school and breakfast clubs from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm. We miss the pantomine because work called.

Our girls need us and we feel they’ll be happier if we were always present, nursing on demand, cheering them on, doing homework together… The daily separation is painful and at times worrying.

A new report from The Telegraph has some good news. We can have happy, healthy children and a full-time job, after all. Dr Mendolia found that a high number of hours spent working by a mother makes it no less likely that their children will smoke or suffer subpar levels of psychological well-being. Convincing, yes. Reassuring, no. Working parents, stay at home parents, all parents will always worry and are entitled to. But for working mums, if there’ll be extra income and a thriving child – we can only enjoy this win-win scenario whilst waiting for a narrow-er gender pay gap.

MOCCA Mums what have your family experiences been when working after giving birth  or being at home longer than your contractual maternity leave?

Photo credit Vogue