Baby Naming – An Amusing Trip to Somalia

baby-2791786_960_720Celebrities are known to give their babies unique, random and original first names. The trend goes as far back as the Beckhams to the Wests who recently named their son, Chicago. Due to media and publicity we become so absorbed in this celebrity trend that we may overlook other intriguing baby naming traditions in different parts of the world. MOCCA Mums decided to take a virtual trip to Somalia to see how and why they give their baby certain names. We found out that Somalia is rather unique when it comes to baby naming.

Most people have three names – the ones they were given, as well as that of their father and grandfather. Many also have nicknames, which are so common they can be found on official ID cards. These nicknames often pick on the negative physical traits of the bearer, if he is male. Some common nicknames for men include Langare (limpy), Coryaan (handicapped), Lugay (one leg) or Genay (missing tooth). Women, however, mostly get flattering nicknames like Lul (diamond), Macanay (sweet), Cod Weyne (rich voiced), Dahable (golden) and Indho Daraleey (gazelle eyes).* 

Culture? Entertainment? Both? However you see it there is no denying that Somalian baby naming culture is hilarious.

MOCCA Mums if your child were Somalian what would be their full name?

*Content source BBC