The Dress.

eritrean weddingWe look forward to weddings for several reasons – the dinner, the party, the vows…  For most ladies one of the top, if not the top reason is to see The Dress. While fans of the British royals excitedly await Meghan Markle’s masterpiece there’ll be talk about the potential designer, the length, the material and the accessories of The Dress. What about the color? Typically, well since 1840s, wedding dresses have been white or a shade of white – in Western weddings.

At MOCCA Mums whilst celebrating mainstream trends we bring to the forefront other customs that are marginalised. We therefore explored further East to see what traditional wedding dress colors look like.

1. Japan – brides wear three or more dresses. White is used as it symbolizes death (the bride becomes dead to her family). The bride eventually removes her white kimono to reveal a red kimono, symbolizing rebirth into her husband’s family.

2. Eritrea – brides wear dark-colored velvet crowns and robes in purple and gold. The bride matches her soon-to-be husband.

3. Peru – brides marry in red and black gowns, made bigger by multiple layers of heavily embroidered cotton petticoats.

4. Jordan – brides wear white dresses. A green silk cloth is placed on their heads, green symbolizing growth, harmony, and safety.

5. Mali – the bride’s kaftan, matches the color of the groom’s dashiki. While white is most common, some opt for lavender or purple, the colors of African royalty.

6. Iraq – Each of an Iraqi bride’s seven (yes, 7) dresses is a different color of the rainbow. Red represents love and romance.

Surprisingly colourful, very symbolic and interesting.

MOCCA Mums any bets on the shade of Ms Markle’s dress? Comment and we’ll be back in Spring to see how close we were!


(Photo credit Pinterest)