From hair loss to a self-made millionaire – Madam C J Walker

madame-cj-walker-9522174-1-402She was born to Louisianan slaves, orphaned at 7, married at 14 and widowed at 20. By her death at 51, Madam C J Walker became America’s first black female millionaire and the first woman of any race to become a self-made millionaire. How?

Madame C J Walker was a single mother earning $1.50 a day as a washerwoman.  One morning whilst washing she realized that the prospects of a comfortable retirement looked bleak.  So she began to measure, mix and blend a tonic claimed to grow hair back “faster than it had even fallen out”. With confidence and competence this fierce marketing guru managed to run thriving businesses in an era fraught with sexism and racism.

The black hair care industry today is buoyant, profitable and innovative but we are yet to see if an entrepreneur can single-handedly achieve what this amazing role model did.

MOCCA Mums whilst pushing academic excellence for our girls do we encourage entrepreneurship?  Are entrepreneurship skills nature’s gift or are they nurtured?