The men who run from the bouquet

Our team received a hilarious GIF image of a bride tossing her bouquet to a group of suited men, the type of men we tend to describe as handsome, eligible bachelors. The moment she tossed the bouquet the men literally fled away from the bouquet into hiding. After a good laugh and watching it a couple more times, we began to muse over the more serious message behind the GIF – why are men, generally, more averse to marriage?

If women are still taking front row position to strategically grab the bouquet at weddings and figures show that marriage is in decline , the missing, reluctant actor in this puzzle could be the men.

Commitment from men boils down to finances and timing. Many men want to be established in their careers and financially comfortable before they take on the responsibility of a girlfriend, much less a wife and a family. And for many, notably Black Americans, that’s just not happening. They do not feel ready.

Who is to blame? Should society or the girlfriend play a role in improving their situation or is it entirely down to the man to be ready at the right time? When is the right time?

MOCCA Mums, if the trend worsens, where does this leave our girls when they are ready? What will be their options?