Diverse Cuisine in Paris

336ae91adaa9When in Paris, do as the Parisians do? This means delightful macaroons and warm crepes are a must. A crusty baguette from the chic looking bakery goes without saying and if you’re the daring type, a plate decorated with escargots à la bourguignonne will be perfect evidence of a perfect Parisian holiday for social media fans. This is mainstream Paris cuisine. There are however more culturally rich and diverse dishes for curious tourists to experience. Sadly, not many tourists know about them. Let’s take a look at our-
Top 3 “diverse eating experiences” in Paris
African – With its history of numerous colonies in Africa, France is now home to a growing population of Africans. No wonder African fast food restaurants are littered throughout Paris. Hidden in the 17th district is A-box, Africa in a box – healthy, home made and very, very tasty African dishes.  Their chicken yassa (Senegalese) is a favorite, followed by a cold glass of home-made punch exotique.
Maghreb – The French Maghreb in France form the largest ethnic group after the European French. So when it comes to finding a warm bowl of couscous, you’ll be spoiled for choice. If in doubt head to Chez Mamane. You are bound to be served ‘the best broth in Paris’.
French West Indies – The French West Indies are geo-politically part of France. Known also as the DOM TOM, these islands (Martinique, Guadeloupe…) have a distinct cultural and culinary history. If you crave a spicy accra (cod fish fritters) with a fancily decorated glass of rhum coco (rum and coconut cocktail), the place to be is La Creole.
There are several museums and monuments in Paris about African (and other ethnic) histories and cultures, but with kids, at a restaurant you’re guaranteed a cultural lesson and a tasty meal without the moans and groans of boredom and fatigue.
(Photo credit – restaurant-lemermoz41.fr)