First it was black, now it’s white – symbols.


A few weeks ago on the eve of the Golden Globe Awards, MOCCA Mums did a piece on the colour black and what it symbolizes. Fast forward to today, we’re zooming in on the color white.

Members of the music industry will show their support for the Time’s Up initiative at the Grammy Awards by wearing white roses.  Historically white stands for hope, peace, sympathy and resistance. Hope that the campaign against sexual misconduct and gender inequality will lead to a reduction in the number of cases or at the very least, will lead to more women speaking up.

The use of black (Golden Globes) then white (Grammys) is symbolic. It speaks to the diversity and unity that we all hope to see in Hollywood, the media and in our day to day lives. It could have been black at the Golden Globes then purple at the Grammys.  Purple is associated with dignity. The dignity that remains in women despite the injustice and abuse they experience. It could have been black at the Golden Globes then red. Red is associated with energy, war – the strong emotions many victims may feel. But black and white were chosen. A message that symbolically denounces racial and gender injustice. Where do we go from here the day after the Grammy Awards?