Stand by your man? ‘Til jail do us part?

sad woman

The wave of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood haven’t lost it’s momentum. The most recent, against business mogul Russell Simmons, raises another interesting aspect of sexual assault – how does the partner or ex partner of the accused react publicly to the accusations? In Russell Simmons’ case, his ex partner was defensive.

What is it about the female psyche that causes her to ‘stand by her man’ in the midst of controversy and allegations? Bill Clinton’s tenure is said to have been riddled with sex scandals. And with each new allegation, eyes were focused on how his wife, Hillary, would react. In the words of Daily Monitor, she swallowed her doubts, stood by her man and savaged his enemies.

Sometimes men and women will defend their spouses to control the damage already done to their personal or family reputation.

MOCCA Mums, is this a self-seeking act or are we, as women, just playing our well-known role – protecting and placating?