African Royalty – Where Women ‘Rule’

abcAfrican royalty was the theme for Last night’s black Panther movie premiere. The stars did not disappoint. The African royalty theme incited us to briefly write on the topic, zooming in on Matrilineality.

What does this mean? It means you would trace your lineage through maternal ancestry and not male and you would inherit property through the female line. (Yes!!!)

Let’s take the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana, as an example. A king traditionally passes his title and status on to his sister’s son. A king’s own biological son does not inherit the kingship because he is not a member of the ruling matrilineal family group. Women would inherit status and property directly from their mothers. Often, the man is expected to not only support his own family, but those of his female relatives.

Now that is awesome!

But… this could potentially cause quite a bit of tension/conflict between in laws. Could it? Does it? Perhaps the Ashantis accept that it is tradition and there’s no conflict at all? It would be great to get some real life perspectives from Ashanti MOCCA Mums.  In the meanwhile we’ll continue to browse online for THE outfit for that cinema trip to behold Marvel’s Black Panther!


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