Ice Cream for Breakfast Day + Black History Month = ?

Portrait of a little boy eating an ice cream cone


Ice Cream for Breakfast Day‘s tomorrow?* Yes it is! Who’s – complaining? No one. Who’s curious? Everyone!

The day was created in the 1960s by housewife Florence Rappaport from New York. The idea behind the day was that Florenceā€™s 6 children were bored one cold February morning and she had to some up with something to entertain them. So she decided to serve some ice cream for breakfast for them. It was such a success that it became a tradition. Since then, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day has been celebrated in countries all over the world, from Germany, to Nepal, China to as far as Namibia.

How is this relevant to creating awesome girls of color? History was made when females of colour, such as Rosa Parks, took bold and daring steps as agents of change. This is one but not the only route to making history. A spontaneous, whimsical moment of creativity or inspiration can also make history. As mothers we can stimulate and encourage this potential by allowing our girls to explore, be idle, express their thoughts freely through art, dance, or prose… After facilitating this creativity only time will tell how they will rewrite history. Let’s make it happen!

On a sweeter note, what are our favourite ice cream flavours? Back-to-basics vanilla or something more exotic?

*the first Saturday every February

(Photo credit Teresa’s ice cream parlour & Ralph Smart)